N 90729002 Винт с полукр.гол. и нес.шайб M5X16

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N  90729002 Винт с полукр.гол. и нес.шайб M5X16
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время обработки 6-10 рабочих дней
номер частиN 90729002
ПроизводительGenuine Volkswagen group part
Гарантия24 месяцев
Вес0,01 кг
ПодписьПодходит для следующих автомобилейФирменные автозапчастиОбсуждение
N 90729002 Винт с полукр.гол. и нес.шайб M5X16
Important notes
This part fits into 268 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
5TDDecorative aluminum inserts
U1AInstrument cluster with km/h speedometer, clock, tachometer, and trip odometer
9AIManually controlled air conditioning system
U1WInstr. housing assembly w/km/h speedom. radio-contr. clock, tachom., trip odom.,add. instruments with special color trim
4D6Seat ventilation/massage seats in front and massage seats in rear
3D6Center console
8JWTwin headlamps for driving on the right (gas discharge) w/ integrated high beam
2T0Without 2-DIN
0FSChina manufacturing sequence
9AJManually controlled air conditioning system and second heater in passenger compartment
T7T6-cylinder SI engine 2.4 l unit 078.7
A8SStandard equipment
8ENBi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp and cornering light, for driving on the right
1D7Trailer hitch preparation
4X1Side airbag in front
1XBMultifunction steering wheel
3D1Center console
8T4Adaptive cruise control
3Y4Roll-up sunshade for rear side windows
8EDBi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp, for driving on the right
2ZYWood sports steering wheel
8T0Without cruise control system (CCS)
7TCDecorative inserts
7X4Park distance control in front and rear
B0RComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Australia, various parts
4X0Without side airbag
4D0Without seat ventilation/massage seat
4UEAirbag for driver and front passenger
1JMRear shock absorption for rough-road design
8N7Windshield wiper intermittent control with light/rain sensor
7TFDecorative aluminum inserts
3Y5Power-operated roll-up sunshade for rearwindow and mechanically operated for side windows
4A4Seat heater for front and rear seats separately controlled
9APClimatic air-conditioning system (semi-automatic)
G0C5-speed manual transmission
5MUDecorative aluminum inserts
1XWLeather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel
F4QFire department command car
7X0Without park distance control
4A0Without seat heater
A8UExecutive US equipment
8JJHeadlamps with gas discharge lamp for driving on the left
G0PAutomated manual transmission (AMT/DS) (5-speed)
2V1Dust and pollen filter
8EHBi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp, for driving on the right(US design)
U0DInstrument cluster w/ mph speedo, clock,tachometer, trip odometer a. add. instr.(volt, oil temp.) w/ special color trim
2C5Axial and vertical adjustable steering column
0FAStandard manufacturing sequence
7Y0Without lane change assist
9AQAir conditioning system plus
2ZDLeather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with tiptronic, heated
4D4Massage seat in front and rear
3FRPower tilting and sliding solar sunroof with automatic pre-selection
1MXLeather-wrapped sports steering wheel with tiptronic, aluminum look
U1BInstrument cluster with mph speedometer, clock, tachometer, and trip odometer
5MKDecorative inserts, carbon fabric
3FLBig roof system
4X4Side airbag in front and rear with curtain airbag
8EMBi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp and cornering light, for driving on the left
F4GStandard equipment for police vehicles
7Y1Lane change assistant
T5T6-cylinder diesel engine 2.5 l unit 059.B
8EWBi-funct. headl. w/ gas discharge lamp, cornering light, sep. LED daytime running lights, driving on right (NAR)
1XHLeather-wrapped sports steering wheel in aluminum look
9AUClimatronic with impact pressure controlCFC-free, with controls in the rear
5MGDecorative inserts, burr-walnut
9AAManually controlled heater
L0LLeft-hand drive
L0RRight-hand drive
K4GChassis with double cab
F4JEquipment for criminal investigation department vehicles
5MADecorative inserts
F0ANo special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
4UBAirbag for NAR
B0AComponent parts set without country-specific building regulation
4D7Massage seat(s) in front
1XXLeather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel w/ tiptronic
3FEElectric tilting and sliding glass sunroof with sun screen/sunblind
7X8Park distance control in front and rear,plus rear view camera system
5MEVavona wood insert \amber\", high-gloss"
9M1Fuel-fired parking heater
QU1TV reception analog/digital and digital radio reception
7VFFuel-fired parking heater with radio remote control and electric auxiliary heater
5TGDecorative aluminum inserts, dulling
5TCWithout decorative inserts
9ADClimatronic, CFC-free
F4ETaxi equipment
7VLWater heater with radio remote control
2C7Safety steering column with electric axial and inclination adjustment
4A3Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
9ABManually controlled air conditioning system
7Y3Lane change assistant plus lane keeping system
4D1Seat ventilation in front and rear
T1K6-cylinder diesel engine 2.5 l unit 059.E
4K7Central locking system \Keyless Entry\" \"two-stage unlocking\""
4D2Seat ventilation/massage seats in front and rear
3Y8Power-operated roll-up sunshade for rearwindow and for rear side windows
U2AInstrument cluster with k m/h speedometer, radio-controlled clock,tachometer and trip odometer
8JGHeadlamps with gas discharge lamp for driving on the right
3FAWithout roof insert (standard roof)
2T22-DIN for special purpose vehicles
4X3Side airbag in front, with curtain airbag
7VMFuel-fired parking heater with radio remote control
8ECBi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp, for driving on the left
8N6Windshield wiper intermittent control with light/rain sensor
5TEDecorative aluminum inserts
0F2Fuel system for SI engine
8EJBi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp, for driving on the left (Japan design)
4D5Seat ventilation/massage seat(s) in front
4UFDriver and front passenger airbag with front passenger airbag deactivation
8EUBi-functional headlamps w/ gas dischargelamp, cornering light, sep. LED daytime running lights, driving on left
9M9Fuel-fired parking heater with radio remote control
8Q6Headlight range adjustment, automatic/ dynamic, with dynamic cornering light and static cornering light (AFS 2)
9ARManually controlled heating system and second heating system in passenger compartment
4X8Side airbag in front, with head airbag and optimized head impact elements (USA)
2ZSLeather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with tiptronic
T156-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l unit 06C.B (aluminum)
8JFTwin headlamps for driving on the right (gas discharge) w/ integrated high beam (US design)
8EVBi-functional headlamps w/ gas dischargelamp, cornering light, sep. LED daytime running lights, driving on right
T798-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.C (aluminum)
F4FPrivate taxi equipment
1X1Four wheel drive
3FDTilting and sliding sunroof, powered
T7Z6-cylinder SI engine 2.7 l unit 078.8
X9CEquipment options subset for Mexico
F4SArmored vehicle
GP1Vehicles with special upgrade measures
5MRDecorative inserts
2ZQLeather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel for airbag system
B1CComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Mexico, various parts
4F2Central locking system \Keyless Entry\""
2C0Standard steering column
T7S8-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 077.2 (aluminum)
5MNDecorative inserts
U1UInstrument cluster w/ km/h speedometer, clock, tachometer, trip odometer, addit.instruments with special color trim
0F3Fuel system for diesel engine
7Y2Lane keeping system
9AKClimatronic with impact pressure control, CFC-free
8Q3Automatic headlight range adjustment dynamic (self-adjusting while driving)
2ZCLeather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel
1C0Without antifreeze
8EAHeadlamps with gas discharge lamp for driving on the right (US design)
8T1Cruise control system (CCS)
GP2Vehicles with special upgrade measures
4UHAirbag for driver and front passenger with knee airbag
5TLDecorative inserts in piano lacquer
8JXTwin headlamps for driving on the left (gas discharge) w/ integrated high beam
2V5Fresh air intake system with combinationfilter
1X0Front wheel drive
B0NComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Great Britain, various parts
B2HComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for South Korea, various parts
4D3Seat ventilation in front
7X2Park distance control in front and rear
5TZDecorative inserts, gray birch vein
2ZMLeather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel
4I3Central locking system \Keyless Entry\" without SAFELOCK"
F4XEquipment for emergency doctor's vehicle
7Q2Navigation system with color screen

OEM номера детали:
N 90729001, N90729001

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2 года международной заводской гарантии.
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Спецификации продукта
HS CODE8708999790
Category 3NNA
Dimension1,5 x 2 x 2
производительGenuine Volkswagen group part
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United States
South Africa
Изготовитель Модель
Audi A1/S1 8X 2011-2014
Audi A1/S1 8X 2015-2018
Audi A2 A2 8Z 2000-2005
Audi A3 Cabriolet 8P 2008-2013
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8L 2001-2003
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2004-2007
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2008
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2009-2013
Audi A4 Allroad Quattro 8K 2010-2016
Audi A4/S4 Cabrio 8H 2003-2006
Audi A4/S4 Cabrio 8H 2007-2009
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8E 2001-2005
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8E 2005-2008
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8K 2008-2012
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8K 2013-2015
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet 8T 2010-2011
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet 8T 2012-2017
Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2008-2011
Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2012-2016
Audi A6 Allroad Quattro 4B 2000-2005
Audi A6 Allroad Quattro 4F 2007-2011
Audi A6/S6/Avant/Quattro 4B 2002-2005
Audi A6/S6/Avant/Quattro 4F 2005-2008
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4E 2004-2007
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4E 2008-2010
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4H 2010-2013
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4H 2014-2017
Audi Q3 8U 2012-2014
Audi Q3 8U 2015-2018
Audi Q5 8R 2009-2012
Audi Q5 8R 2013-2017
Audi Q7 4L 2007-2009
Audi Q7 4L 2010-2015
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 42 2007-2012
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 42 2013-2015
Audi RS3 Sportback 8P 2011-2013
Audi RS4 Quattro 8E 2006-2008
Audi RS4 Quattro 8E 2007-2009 Cabrio
Audi RS4 Quattro 8K 2013-2016
Audi RS5 Coupe/Cabriolet Quattro 8T 2010-2016 Coupe
Audi RS5 Coupe/Cabriolet Quattro 8T 2013-2016 Cabriolet
Audi RS6/RS6 plus/Avant Quattro 4F 2008-2011
Audi RSQ3 8U 2014-
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2007-2010
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2011-2014
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8N 1999-2002
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8N 2003-2006
Audi TTRS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2010-2014
Seat Alhambra 7M 2003-2005
Seat Alhambra 7M 2006-2010
Seat Alhambra 7M 2009-2010
Seat Altea 5P 2004-2006
Seat Altea 5P 2007-2010
Seat Altea 5P+ 2011-2013
Seat Altea 5P+ 2014-2015
Seat Arosa 6H 1997-2000
Seat Arosa 6H 2001-2004
Seat Cordoba 6L 2003-2005
Seat Cordoba 6L 2006-2009
Seat Exeo 3R 2009-2014
Seat Ibiza 6F 2013 - 2016
Seat Ibiza 6J 2009-2011
Seat Ibiza 6J 2012-2015
Seat Ibiza 6L 2002-2005
Seat Ibiza 6L 2006-2010
Seat Ibiza 6P 2016-2017
Seat Leon 1M 2000-2001
Seat Leon 1M 2002-2006
Seat Leon 1P 2006-2010
Seat Leon 1P 2011-2013
Seat Toledo 1M 1999-2001
Seat Toledo 1M 2002-2004
Seat Toledo 1P 2005-2009
Seat Toledo 6J 2013-2015
Seat Toledo 6J 2016-
Skoda Fabia (India) 5J 2009-2014 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Fabia 3V 2015- Saloon/Estate
Skoda Fabia 5J 2007-2010 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Fabia 5J 2011-2015 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Fabia 6Y 2000-2004 Saloon/Sedan/Estate
Skoda Octavia 1U 1997-2000 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 1U 2001-2011 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2004-2008 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2009-2013 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Rapid (India) 5J 2012-
Skoda Rapid 5J 2013-
Skoda Roomster 5J 2006-2010
Skoda Roomster 5J 2011-2015
Skoda Superb 3T 2008-2013 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Superb 3T 2014-2015 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Superb 3U 2002-2008 Sedan
Skoda Yeti 5L 2010-2013
Skoda Yeti 5L 2014-
Volkswagen Amarok 2H 2010-2012
Volkswagen Amarok 2H 2013-2016
Volkswagen Ameo 6R 2017-
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 1Y 2003-2005
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 1Y 2006-2010
Volkswagen Beetle 1C 1999-2001
Volkswagen Beetle 1C 2002-2005
Volkswagen Beetle 1C 2006-2010
Volkswagen Bora 1J 1999-2001
Volkswagen Bora 1J 2003-2005
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2004-2008
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2009-2011
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2011-2015
Volkswagen Camper 7E T5 2010-2011
Volkswagen Camper 7E T5 2012- 2015
Volkswagen Camper 7E T6 2016-
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2004-2006
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2007
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2008
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2009-2010
Volkswagen Eos 1Q 2006-2008
Volkswagen Eos 1Q 2009-2011
Volkswagen Eos 1Q 2011-2016
Volkswagen Fox 5Z 2004-2010 Africa
Volkswagen Fox 5Z 2005-2012 Europa
Volkswagen Gol 5U 2009-2011
Volkswagen Gol 5W 2009-2011
Volkswagen Golf 1J 1998-2001
Volkswagen Golf 1J 2003-2006
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2004-2005 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2006-2007 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2007-2009 Estate
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2008-2009 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2009-2011 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2010-2014 Estate
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2012-2013 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 5K 2012-
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2006-2008
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2006-2011 USA
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2009-2010
Volkswagen Lupo 6X/6E 1999-2005
Volkswagen Lupo 6X/6E 2006
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 3C 2009-2012
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 3C 2012-
Volkswagen Passat 3B 1997-2000 4 Motion
Volkswagen Passat 3B 1997-2000 FWD
Volkswagen Passat 3B 2001-2002
Volkswagen Passat 3B 2003-2005
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2006-2007
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2008
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2009-2011
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2011-2015
Volkswagen Phaeton 3D 2002-2007
Volkswagen Phaeton 3D 2008-2009
Volkswagen Phaeton 3D 2009-2010
Volkswagen Phaeton 3D 2011-2016
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 60 2010-2014 (Malaysia/India)
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 60 2015-(India)
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 6R 2010-2014
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 6R 2013-2014
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 6R 2015-
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 9N 2002-2005
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 9N 2005-2008
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 9N 2009-2010
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 60Z 2010-2014 Notchback (Malaysia/India)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 60Z 2015- Notchback (India)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 61Z 2011-2015 Notchback (Polo Russia)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 61Z 2015- Notchback (Polo Russia)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6K 2000-2002 Classic/Variant
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6Q 2003-2006 (Polo Limousine/Sedan LHD)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6Q 2004-2006 (Polo Classic/Sedan-RHD only Austral
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6Q 2008-2009 ( Polo Classic-Africa ""CN"")"
Volkswagen Saveiro 5U 2010-2011
Volkswagen Saveiro 5U 2012-2013
Volkswagen Scirocco 1K8 2009-2014
Volkswagen Scirocco 1K8 2015-
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2001-2002
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2003-2005
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2006-2008
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2009-2010
Volkswagen Suran/Spacefox 5Z 2011-2014
Volkswagen Touareg 7L 2003-2005
Volkswagen Touareg 7L 2006-2007
Volkswagen Touareg 7L 2007-2010
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2003-2004
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2004-2006
Volkswagen Touran 1T2 2007-2008
Volkswagen Touran 1T2 2009-2010
Volkswagen Touran 1T3 2011-2015
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2016-
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2003-2005
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2010-2011
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2012-2015
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2003-2005 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2006 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2007 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2008 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2009-2010 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2010-2011 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2012-2015 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2016- Flatbed
N 90729001
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